dry fruits

Dry Fruits

The exquisite assortment of our dry fruits are preserved with exotic flavors and superior quality preservatives. They increase their life span retaining their freshness and taste. Moreover, their packaging, apart from protecting their intrinsic qualities, also gives them an attractive outward appearance.

Botanical Name Latin name Commercial part
Almond Sweet Badam Kernel/Whole
Almond Bitter Badam Kernel/Whole
Apricot Sweet Khurmani Kernel/Whole
Apricot Bitter Khurmani Kernel/Whole
Apricot Dry Khurmani Fruit
Figs Anjeer Fruit
Pistachios Pista Kernel/Whole
Black Currant Karan Fruit
Pine Nuts Chilkoza Kernel/Whole
Black Morels Mushroom Mushroom
Walnut Kernel Akhrot Kernel/Whole
Indian Resin Kishmish Fruit